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Nayo Carter-Gray: Branding Photo Session | Baltimore Portrait Studio

I ran into Nayo over the summer at an entrepreneurs/investment seminar. She said that she loved the "Levitation" series and wanted to eventually do a photo shoot with me for her new website. Fast forward a few months and she finally called me to setup the shoot! As you can see from the BTS video; we had plenty fun lol

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Dwayne & Theresa: Engagement Session at The Washington DC Capitol | DC Photography

Originally we were supposed to shoot at The Botanical Gardens DC but I had to call an audible. I had never shot there before so, I arrived early to scope it out. Inside the gardens was really crowded and humid and my lens kept fogging up so we decided to shoot outdoors. The overcast weather made for really soft lighting which went well with the all the marble structures surrounding The Capitol Building

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Patrick & Aviann: Engagement Session at Druid Hill Park | Baltimore Photographers

I really enjoyed this autumn engagement shoot with this adorable couple. If you've taken a tour around my website than, you may recognize Aviann in the "Studio" section. You can see how opposites attract with this couple. Patrick is really laid back and Aviann is super energetic lol

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Jessica's Sweet 16: Birthday Party at Pier 5 Harbor Hotel | Event Photographer

This was one of the biggest birthday parties I've ever seen! Her people's went all out for this one! It was a movie for-real! Complete with dope decor, a dope host, and one of the dopest venues in Downtown Baltimore for weddings and parties, " The Pier 5 Harbor Hotel ". Real Harbor Magic. 

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Friends-giving 2016: Travel Club Party in Owings Mills, MD | Baltimore Photographer

Last week I joined a travel club full of young, successful, down to Earth entrepreneurs. I was instantly welcomed and immediately felt like "these are my people"! We had a friends-giving last week and it was awesome! Complete with greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, yams, lambs, chicken, turkey and a mannequin challenge!  I've only been hanging with these guys for a week and it's been a total blessing. The future is bright! I'm looking forward to it!

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2016 Cade Gala: A Corporate Event at The Baltimore World Trade Center | Baltimore Photographer

You guys remember I'll good friend Jaclyn Small right? If not, check out the shoot I did with her a couple months ago here. Well, she texted me Saturday asking if I was available last minute to shoot an event for the Cade Foundation. I already had another event booked that day but was able to squeeze this in exactly 30 minutes before going to my next event. This was held at the Baltimore World Trade Center which just so happened to had bought a few prints from me about 2 years ago. I was proud to see those prints still hanging in the lobby

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Tiffany & Ronnie: Engagement Session in Mount Vernon Baltimore | Baltimore Photographers

Tiffany & Ronnie are a beautiful young couple, whose wedding I can't wait to shoot next year. They met in high school, and started dating a few years later. Things we're a little rocky in the beginning and they didn't quite work out (it wasn't their time yet). Fast forward to 2014, their paths aligned and they've been together ever since!


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Fathia Savory: A Branding Photo Session | Baltimore Photographer

Fathia was another referral through my friend/student Alicia McAfee ( who i recently found out has the same first and middle name of someone else I know ) and Jaclyn Small. She needed some new photos for her fashion consulting website so that's exactly what we did. Fathia and her team were such a pleasure to work with. I'm looking forward to our next shoot ;-) These are some of my favorite images; which one is your's? Leave a comment below

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Youtube Collaboration with Alicia Mcafee a.k.a Voted Best Hair | Mount Vernon Baltimore

If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember me mentioning my  "friend/student" a few times. Particularly in other blog post such as Jaclyn Small and Heather Dunmoodie . Well, my infamous friend is non other than Alicia McAfee A.K.A "Voted Best Hair" ! She's a natural beauty and fellow Youtuber! That's actually how we met (on Youtube)! It's a funny story, maybe i'll tell you someday ;-) In the meantime, in between time, enjoy this fun little shoot we did over the summer promoting each others Youtube channels. Check out the video I made for her channel at the bottom of this post and you can see the video she did for my channel by clicking here . These are some of my favorite shots from the shoot. Leave a comment below, what's your favorite?

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The Farace's: A Family Portrait Session in Baltimore Maryland | Family Photographer

Earlier this year, i did a maternity shoot for Cosimo and Lin; ( they were my first maternity shoot btw ). It went great and we had alot of fun. Fast forward a few months and baby CJ is finally here! It's amazing how time fly's! I was totally honored when they called me to take their family photos again. I'm looking forward to working with these throughout the up coming years. Who knows, maybe i'll even shoot CJ's wedding when he's all grown up lol! These are some of my personal favorites from that session. Leave a comment below, which one is your favorite? 

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Neocell: A Corporate Dinner at The Baltimore Harbor Monaco Hotel | Inner Harbor Hotels

If you saw my previous blog post about the "short notice wedding"; I mentioned a coporate dinner I covered for Neocell! Well, the pics are finally in! I had a great time shooting for this groovy crowd from Cali who were here for the Healthexpo last weekend. Special shout out to Marquita from the E.C.E agency for the connection. Shannon, Jessica, and the entire Neocell crew were really fun to work with. Hopefully we can do it again soon! These are some my favorite moments from that night. Leave a comment below. What's your favorite photo?

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Cecil & Genea Ammons: A Backyard Wedding In Baltimore Maryland | Baltimore Wedding Photographers

Friday night September 23rd, I had just finish shooting a corporate dinner for Neocell when I got a call around 10pm. A young couple was getting married but they were in a pinch. They needed a wedding photographer on super short notice, THE VERY NEXT MORNING! 

I had no idea of what the setup would be, how many guest, what the venue looked liked, or what lenses I would need. But, I knew I had to come thru for this handsome young couple. So I sprung into action! Went home, charged my batteries, and cleared some memory cards in preparation for the wedding with only 12 hours notice. Got up early the next morning, ate breakfast, drank an energy drink, took my vitamins and killed that wedding; with only 12 hours notice lol! These are some of my favorite shots. Which ones do you like the most? Leave a comment below. Enjoy :-)

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The Dunmoodies: A Family Portrait Session in Baltimore, MD | Family Photographer

Heather is also a mutual friend of Jaclyn and my friend/student. Jaclyn told me that Heather might be reaching out to me soon and that's exactly what she did! Within 15 minutes, Heather called me, booked an appointment, and mentioned that she wants to join my photography classes; she wasn't playing no games lol! She has a precious little family and i'm looking forwards to working with them again. In fact, I'll be shooting her son's Senior Portraits this weekend (Lord willing). Stay tuned for that. These are some of my favorite photos. Which one is your's? Leave a comment below

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Jaclyn Small: A Portrait Session In Baltimore, MD Photo Studio | Portrait Photographers

One of my friends/students is engaged to my accountant. My accountant has a twin brother; his twin brother's wife is Jaclyn Small! I had a hard time putting that into words so I just decided to tell it like a short story lol. Jaclyn was really fun and easy to work with. With her being a new mom, we initially had a hard time scheduling and rescheduling the shot. But, where their's a will, their's a way! She needed some clean and fun new photos for her website. So, we played some music and got the job done. These are some of my favorite photos. Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below

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Faith Nicole: A Head-shots Session in Baltimore, MD Portrait Studio | Portrait Photography

Faith is a fun, bubbly, talented, actress and singer. She's also the little sister of my beautiful, queen, goddess, unicorn model Alicia Hynson a.k.a "Ms. Reading Get's Me High" lol. We had alot of fun on this shoot as you can tell from Faith's expressions. All she really needed was a few head-shots so, we did that. Then we played around the studio with our extra time to kill. Which is your favorite pic? Leave a comment below

P.S:  I made a video our playtime but I didn't put it together yet. I'll have to post it later because i'm omw to Eggspectation for breakfast! Nom nom *insert licking lips emoji*

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