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Patrick & Aviann: Engagement Session at Druid Hill Park | Baltimore Photographers

I really enjoyed this autumn engagement shoot with this adorable couple. If you've taken a tour around my website than, you may recognize Aviann in the "Studio" section. You can see how opposites attract with this couple. Patrick is really laid back and Aviann is super energetic lol

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Friends-giving 2016: Travel Club Party in Owings Mills, MD | Baltimore Photographer

Last week I joined a travel club full of young, successful, down to Earth entrepreneurs. I was instantly welcomed and immediately felt like "these are my people"! We had a friends-giving last week and it was awesome! Complete with greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, yams, lambs, chicken, turkey and a mannequin challenge!  I've only been hanging with these guys for a week and it's been a total blessing. The future is bright! I'm looking forward to it!

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Jaclyn Small: A Portrait Session In Baltimore, MD Photo Studio | Portrait Photographers

One of my friends/students is engaged to my accountant. My accountant has a twin brother; his twin brother's wife is Jaclyn Small! I had a hard time putting that into words so I just decided to tell it like a short story lol. Jaclyn was really fun and easy to work with. With her being a new mom, we initially had a hard time scheduling and rescheduling the shot. But, where their's a will, their's a way! She needed some clean and fun new photos for her website. So, we played some music and got the job done. These are some of my favorite photos. Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below

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Faith Nicole: A Head-shots Session in Baltimore, MD Portrait Studio | Portrait Photography

Faith is a fun, bubbly, talented, actress and singer. She's also the little sister of my beautiful, queen, goddess, unicorn model Alicia Hynson a.k.a "Ms. Reading Get's Me High" lol. We had alot of fun on this shoot as you can tell from Faith's expressions. All she really needed was a few head-shots so, we did that. Then we played around the studio with our extra time to kill. Which is your favorite pic? Leave a comment below

P.S:  I made a video our playtime but I didn't put it together yet. I'll have to post it later because i'm omw to Eggspectation for breakfast! Nom nom *insert licking lips emoji*

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Darren Mitchell: Lifestyle Photography In Mount Vernon Baltimore | Baltimore Photographers

I first meet Darren, through a mutual friend, about a year ago in Baltimore. After that, I started to run into him everywhere. it's kinda like when you get a new car; you never noticed how many other people were driving the same car on the road until you got one too lol. Every-time I bumped shoulders with Darren, it was always in a place where the "winners" were. Some business conference or an entrepreneur seminar. I knew that Darren was a stand up guy so, when he contacted me about lifestyle photography for his public speaking career, I wasn't surprised. These are some of my favorite shots. Leave a comment below, which one is your favorite? 

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