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Cecil & Genea Ammons: A Backyard Wedding In Baltimore Maryland | Baltimore Wedding Photographers

Friday night September 23rd, I had just finish shooting a corporate dinner for Neocell when I got a call around 10pm. A young couple was getting married but they were in a pinch. They needed a wedding photographer on super short notice, THE VERY NEXT MORNING! 

I had no idea of what the setup would be, how many guest, what the venue looked liked, or what lenses I would need. But, I knew I had to come thru for this handsome young couple. So I sprung into action! Went home, charged my batteries, and cleared some memory cards in preparation for the wedding with only 12 hours notice. Got up early the next morning, ate breakfast, drank an energy drink, took my vitamins and killed that wedding; with only 12 hours notice lol! These are some of my favorite shots. Which ones do you like the most? Leave a comment below. Enjoy :-)

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A Natural Day: Advertising Photography in Baltimore, MD | Commercial Photographer

Yesterday I had an open time slot at the studio that needed to be filled so, I invited my friend Esther to come over for a fun shoot. After we took a couple shots, I decided to practice a few video techniques to prepare for these upcoming weddings that I'll be shooting video in. Nothing was planned, we just shot around the studio for an hour but I have to say; I'm very pleased with the outcome. Some people say it looks like a "Dawn Dish Soap" commercial lol. What do you think? Leave a comment below

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