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Tony & Cassandra 30th Wedding Anniversary

Around this same time last year, I received a call similar to the one I got last week. A couple was looking for a photographer because their's had cancelled last minute. Of course I agreed to help the couple out; and I'm glad I did. When I first arrived at the venue, I bumped into a lady who was cleverly dressed. I asked if she was here for the party and she said yes, then asked me the same thing. But then she said this "oh your gonna busy tonight, you've got a really fun crowd upstairs". The people surely did live up to that quote lol. It was a good night! I met some cool people, ran into some folks I went to high school with and even bumped into my cousin Lamont at the party #smalltimorestrikesagain lol. I had a ball shooting for Tony and Cassandra. Here are a few of my favorite moments from their anniversary party. Enjoy :-)