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Alicia's Natural Hair Journey | The Big Chop

I bumped into my friend Alicia at a birthday party a couple weeks ago and she told me that she is planning to cut her hair next month.... I almost had a stroke! I even offered to pay her $20 a week just to keep her hair ( and I was dead serious too lol ). I was devastated,  I sat up all night, devising a plan to get her to change her mind. Then all of a sudden, it came to me!

So, the next day I asked if she was free this weekend cuz I wanted to make a video telling her story about transitioning back to her roots, before she cut it all off again. Once she texted me back saying that she was free; I told her to "pack your bags, cuz we're going to Kenya!"

This video is a result of that trip. Make sure you stay for the ending; trust me, it's worth it!

P.S: I was just joking about that whole Kenya trip lol. We actually shot this in Maryland, about 30 minutes from my house in Baltimore City. Special thanks to the clothing designer Maryleen for allowing us to borrow one of her skirts for this project. She's a local seamstress who makes Ankara clothing so go check her out if you're interested. 

I'd actually love to go to Kenya and film a documentary or a  couple short stories like this one. If you guys know of any companies that would be willing to sponsor me please make the connection. Remember to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my Youtube channel cuz I got some hot fire coming out soon. I'm looking for some more Youtubers in the DMV to collab with, natural haired sistas to shoot with, natural hair companies that may want me to shoot a commercial for them, and sponsorship's. If you're interested or know someone who might be, please make the connection, it takes a village. Stay tuned and thanks alot for your support ;-)