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Meet The Griffiths Wedding Video

Alicia's Natural Hair Journey

Sharif & Alicia Highlight Wedding Video

Daniel & Sharon Highlight Wedding Film

Things To Do In Washington D.C

A Random Wednesday

I dropped my camera and broke my lens

Wealth Diversity Summit 2016 at The Reginald F. Lewis Museum

Setup day at Montgomery Park for Artdromeda with Leah

Promo Video for Sache Jones of The Baltimore Farm Alliance at Lexington Market

BTS with Nayo-Carter Gray

Behind The Scenes w/ Jewel of Captured Treasure Imagining

Dance sequence from Emmaus 30th Birthday Party at The Belvedere 1 E. Chase Stree, Baltimore, MD

Surprise Proposal Mannequin Challenge on The 13th Floor of The Belvedere 1 E. Chase Street, Baltimore, MD

Sweet 16 birthday party at Pier 5 Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, MD

2016 Friends-giving with my travel club Team Live

Show Day with Artdromeda at Montgomery Park

Highlight video I shoot for Photo Magic Media and Bethune Cookman University 2017