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Jessica's Sweet 16: Birthday Party at Pier 5 Harbor Hotel | Event Photographer

This was one of the biggest birthday parties I've ever seen! Her people's went all out for this one! It was a movie for-real! Complete with dope decor, a dope host, and one of the dopest venues in Downtown Baltimore for weddings and parties, " The Pier 5 Harbor Hotel ". Real Harbor Magic. 

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2016 Cade Gala: A Corporate Event at The Baltimore World Trade Center | Baltimore Photographer

You guys remember I'll good friend Jaclyn Small right? If not, check out the shoot I did with her a couple months ago here. Well, she texted me Saturday asking if I was available last minute to shoot an event for the Cade Foundation. I already had another event booked that day but was able to squeeze this in exactly 30 minutes before going to my next event. This was held at the Baltimore World Trade Center which just so happened to had bought a few prints from me about 2 years ago. I was proud to see those prints still hanging in the lobby

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Neocell: A Corporate Dinner at The Baltimore Harbor Monaco Hotel | Inner Harbor Hotels

If you saw my previous blog post about the "short notice wedding"; I mentioned a coporate dinner I covered for Neocell! Well, the pics are finally in! I had a great time shooting for this groovy crowd from Cali who were here for the Healthexpo last weekend. Special shout out to Marquita from the E.C.E agency for the connection. Shannon, Jessica, and the entire Neocell crew were really fun to work with. Hopefully we can do it again soon! These are some my favorite moments from that night. Leave a comment below. What's your favorite photo?

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